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Basecamp Action Adventure Park By I Love Limerick Correspondent Sarah O’ Connell

Ireland’s most unique adventure park can be found right here in Limerick. Basecamp Action Adventure Park is an adventure park like no other in Ireland. Their unique 80 acre forest park contains the newest and most exciting outdoor activities that will ensure anyone who visits will get a day out that they will never forget.

Whether you are looking for an action packed day out with your work colleagues, school tour, stag and hen parties or a more laid back relaxing family adventure, Basecamp Action Adventure Park have the perfect adventure experience for everyone.

At Basecamp Adventure Park they have created an outdoor action adventure park that has some of Ireland’s newest and most exciting activities such as Splatball which has taken America by storm and Forest Archery which is totally new to Ireland.


Forest archery allows visitors to Basecamp their very own Hunger Games moment. In the ‘Hunger Games’ movie franchise, heroine Katniss chooses one simple weapon as her best form of defence: the bow and arrow. With this in mind the crew at, Basecamp Action Adventure Park wanted to offer visitor’s archery like Ireland had never seen it before.  Speaking to Wayne Slattery local Limerick man and the founder of Basecamp Action Adventure Park we explained that “we didn’t want your regular archery game where contestants line up one by one firing arrows endlessly at a target board, we wanted to be unique, give our visitors an experience they won’t forget”.  Now Basecamp Action Adventure Park offers 3D forest archery.  The two hour session includes a full training brief from resident archers who will accompany visitors throughout their game. During the game visitors will encounter 3D bears, zombies and various other targets which they must hit with the arrow in order to score point and win the game.

Splatball is a lower velocity version of paintball, it is ideal for family days out and younger groups. All Splatball sessions begin with a full game and safety briefing from experienced Game Marshals in the purpose build Kids Basecamp. Staff will stay with the group throughout their session, ensuring players follow all safety rules and guiding them through their exciting game missions.

All activities at Basecamp Action Adventure Centre are 100% safety regulated and chaperoned by trained professionals at all times. Wayne Slattery explained that at Basecamp Action Adventure Park the aim is to give people “an experience they will never forget” as well as giving them a full day out doors, encouraging all who take part to be physically active and healthy.  Wayne added that “escapism is a huge part of it for me, I want to offer people a break away from reality and the norms of everyday, what better way to do it then a day with your friends in the forest”.  “No matter who you are, we at Basecamp want to give you an experience you will never forget”.

Basecamp Action Adventure Centre is open every weekend and during the week when booked in advance.

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