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Cook and Cleaver redefining mealtime for busy households this Saturday, June 24



Cook and Cleaver redefining mealtime for busy households this Saturday, June 24

Garrett Landers and Tom Flavin bring Cook and Cleaver to Garrett’s Butchers, Fr Russell Road this Saturday, June 24, bringing convenience and quality meats together

Cook and Cleaver redefining mealtime for busy households this Saturday, June 24

Cook and Cleaver is new healthy ready made meals brand, founded by two childhood friends from Limerick.

Award-winning butcher, Garrett Landers and award-winning chef, Tom Flavin invite people on their mission to redefine mealtime for busy households and indulge in the culinary delights that have captivated taste buds worldwide.

In a small town, two childhood friends embarked on a journey that would forever change the way busy households approached mealtime.




Garrett and Tom have shared a deep appreciation for exquisite flavours and exceptional ingredients ever since their time as classmates in their early school days.

Their paths took them to the finest food establishments across the globe, honing their skills and expanding their culinary horizons. Garrett’s Quality Butchers became synonymous with top-notch meats, while Tom Flavin’s mastery as an award-winning chef garnered international acclaim.

In 2023, their shared vision materialized into Cook and Cleaver, a culinary haven for those seeking healthy home-cooked meals without sacrificing quality or precious time. With a firm commitment to sourcing locally, every ingredient at Cook and Cleaver bears the mark of excellence.

The duo believe that, “busy households deserve the very best” and this is the aim of Cook and Cleaver.

“That’s why our ready meals are meticulously crafted, utilizing the finest ingredients sourced from our community,” the said, adding, “We take pride in bringing restaurant-quality dishes straight to your table, effortlessly transforming any mealtime into an extraordinary culinary affair.”

With the upcoming event at Garret’s Butchers, Raheen, on Saturday, June 24 from 12-4 pm, Tom and Garrett ask the public to “join us on this gastronomic journey, where quality meets convenience”.

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