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Let’s Fund It Announces Limerick’s Deel Animal Rescue as Charity of the Month



Deel Animal Rescue is a registered animal rescue charity based in west Limerick

Deel Animal Rescue is based in West Limerick and was established in 2016 

Deel Animal Rescue announced as Charity of the Month

Let’s Fund It, the Limerick volunteer-run charity, is delighted to announce Deel Animal Rescue as its Charity of the Month for March. In its ongoing commitment to supporting Irish charities making a positive impact, Let’s Fund It has chosen to support the invaluable work carried out on behalf of animals by the Newcastle West-based charity.

Deel Animal Rescue is a registered animal rescue charity based in west Limerick and is run by a small number of volunteers. Their aim is to get stray and abandoned animals to a place of safety and to find their forever home. 

Deel is based in West Limerick and was established in 2016 by several like-minded women, passionate about animal welfare. They are a non-profit animal rescue charity. Their mission is to help abandoned and stray animals get to a place of safety and find their forever home.




Deel is run solely by volunteers, everyone has a full time job and in their spare time works very hard to help abandoned or strayed animals.

All donations go exactly where it’s needed rather than administration or wages. The vast majority of their funds is used to treat abused, injured, and abandoned animals needing care, while some funds also go towards being able to afford to keep dogs in kennels as they have no premises and unfortunately, it sometimes takes a long time to house larger dogs and tend to stay in kennels for longer periods.

As part of this initiative, Let’s Fund It is inviting individuals to visit their website,, to donate a range of dog and cat products that will go directly to the charity to the benefit of animals that are being taken care of by Deel Animal Rescue. Let’s Fund It’s online platform will offer a range of items for donation to Deel, including tinned cat food, dog treats, cat/dog toys, as well as greyhound coats. All items donated will go towards the welfare of animals that are being cared for by the charity. At the end of the month, all donated items will be delivered to the charity, and donors will receive a delivery update via email.

What sets Let’s Fund It apart is its commitment to transparency and showing donors exactly where their money has been spent. The Limerick-based volunteer-run charity does not charge any fees or commissions, ensuring that every donation goes directly towards supporting the chosen cause.

Let’s Fund It encourages everyone in the Limerick area and beyond to join their initiative to support Deel Animal Rescue, and to make a positive impact to the lives of animals in the care of the charity.

This initiative is part of Let’s Fund Its ongoing mission to contribute to the prevention or relief of suffering of animals, and to continue the goal of supporting registered Irish charities & their service users. Additionally, the charity aims to continue its philosophy of transparent donations and showing its donors the real difference they have made.

For more information about Let’s Fund It and its charitable initiatives, please visit

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