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Patronage competition Patronage competition


Patronage Competition for two new Limerick secondary schools



Photograph above: Some of the children campaigning for Educate Together patronage competition.

Patronage Competition for two new Limerick secondary schools is currently underway, with only two weeks left to nominate patronage of the secondary schools in Mungret and Castletroy.

Limerick parents have just two weeks left to nominate patrons for the Patronage competition for two new schools designated for the city suburbs. The two new schools will provide a combined enrollment of 1,200 additional secondary school placements to cater for the entire city and will be based in Mungret and Castletroy.

The Department of Education has declared the tendering processes for both schools as open. Educate Together, the patron body of a growing network of schools in Ireland is tendering for patronage of both schools. Tendering bodies have until June 7 to gather expressions of interest from Limerick parents nominating their preferred school patron. Parents may only submit an expression of interest for one school.




Patronage competition

Patronage competition for two new Educate Together secondary schools in Limerick

Educate Together has been providing primary level education in Limerick since 1989, and has two national schools in the city, Limerick School Project and Mungret Educate Together Primary School. There are long waiting lists every year for both schools.

Commenting on Educate Together’s bid for patronage of the new second level schools Principal Orla McCoy of Limerick School Project says, “The demand is there from parents and the time is right to extend Educate Together provision in the city to second level children”.

Educate Together schools guarantee equality of access and esteem to all children irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background, are learner centred in their approach to education and are run as participatory democracies, with a respectful partnership between parents, pupils and teachers.

On Friday, May 21, President Michael D. Higgins spoke at the Educate Together AGM and commented, “The vision at the heart of Educate Together is one which empowers future generations to constantly strive to make our society a more equal one for all citizens.”

The campaign for Educate Together patronage of the new second level schools is being driven by local parents who want all children in Limerick to benefit from the child-centred, equality-based education that their children currently enjoy at primary level. The local campaign group has already gathered over 1000 Expressions of Interest from parents eager for Educate Together to secure patronage of the new schools.

Parents or guardians interested in learning more about the Educate Together ethos or to register their expression of interest in Educate Together patronage competition of either of the new secondary schools can find more information online.

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