PHOTOS – Marriage Equality Cabaret in Dolan’s

Marriage Equality Cabaret in Dolan's Warehouse

The Yes Equality Limerick campaign to win the Marriage Equality Referendum on May 22 is something I am very concerned about right now. It is not for selfish reasons. I have always fought for equal human rights for all. That’s what ultimately drives me as a human being.  I simply don’t think its fair that any person should tell another person who or how they can love. Love is something we are all entitled to. The fight is for civil marriage and not religious marriage. Civil marriage is a marriage performed, recorded, and recognized by a government official. This has nothing to do with religion or getting married in a church. That’s not what this referendum is about. It is a human rights issue. I am simply asking you to choose love. Please turn out to the polling stations on May 22. Be sure you are registered to vote, Vote YES, for your friends, for your family and your loved ones!  

Limerick’s finest musicians, vocalists and entertainers joined forces with YesEquality Limerick, Marriage Equality campaign, for one sensational night with a celebration of the best of Broadway and pop classics at Dolan’s Warehouse on Sunday April 26. It was an evening of sassy show-tunes from favourite musicals ranging from The Sound of Music to Hairspray, as well as songs made famous by iconic singers. The local cast included some of Limerick’s best-loved performers, including Myles Breen, Liam O’Brien and Jean McGlynn.

All proceeds from the evening go to support the Yes Equality campaign. For more info go to the YesEquality website here, or the Marriage Equality website here. To see a video go to now. 

Marriage Equality Cabaret in Dolan's Warehouse

Photos by Dolf Patijn, copyright of  I Love Limerick 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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