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The Blue Box

The Blue Box

The Blue Box Creative Learning Centre works with schools and families in Limerick City and around, to provide trained professionals to help children through difficult times. Their slogan is “Sometimes when a child is feeling sad or hurt it is good to have a safe place and someone to help you.”

The Blue Box is a non-profit organisation, and is driven by innovative Arts Therapy programmes. Founded in 1997, The Blue Box is a Creative Arts Psychotherapies Project supporting children from marginalized and impoverished backgrounds in Limerick. It’s located in LEDP, Roxboro Road in Limerick.

The Centre offers a Creative Therapy Service to schools, school completion programmes, outreach projects and preschools in Limerick City. The Blue Box is a community-oriented intervention service that deals with issues relating to behaviour, and emotional and mental health as they affect young people and their families within the community.

The Centre is making a real difference. Their aim is to help vulnerable young people and their families realise their potential through creative therapies and to provide a service that’s available, affordable and accessible. The Therapeutic relationship between the child and the adult is at the heart of the Blue Box philosophy of Therapy. Another important element of the Centre’s Psychotherapy model is the client’s own creative exploration. The therapists draw on a variety of theories (art therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, aesthetics, attachment theories, developmental theories, object relations, play and embodiment) to support their client—their central belief being that in line with every dynamic system, each individual has the innate capacity to move towards self-fulfillment.

Creative Therapies used by The Blue Box include art, music, play, drama and dance movement therapy.

If you want to make a contribution to The Blue Box Creative Learning Centre, donate €4 by texting BEAR to 50300.

For more information on The Blue Box Creative Learning Centre, check out their website here

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