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Limerick Photo Archive 2022

Limerick Photo Archive

Welcome to the I Love Limerick Photo Archives

I Love Limerick has a team of professional photographers available to book for any number of events that you, your business, organisation or charity may be planning.


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2022 Photo Galleries

Moyross Community Fair 2022

Polish Art Festival 2022

Limerick Island Swim 2022

Migrant Victim Support Project

Play with Pride 2022

Limerick Hurling Homecoming 2022

Angel Times Relaunch

Angel Times Relaunch

Limerick Youth Service Pride 2022

Climax Party with Courtney Act

Limerick Pride Parade 2022

Mockie Ah at House

Ann Blake's 'The Morning After the Life Before'

Marsha P. Johnson Pride event

Limerick Pride Kaleidoscope exhibition

Pride Launch 2022

JP McManus Pro-Am 2022

FET Kilmallock Road Campus Open Day

Jenny Greene live at the Docklands

Linda Ledger mayoral reception

2022 Vintners Ball

2022 Limerick Pride Launch

2022 Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival

FET Kilmallock Road Intercultural Day

Limerick Save Mariupol Protest

Gavin James 2022

Great Limerick Run 2022

Riverfest Limerick 2022

Limerick Artists for Ukraine

LGTE 10th anniversary

Limerick Pride Sligo Vigil in memory of Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee

Team Limerick Clean Up 7

Limerick businesswomen recognised with Mayoral Reception

Limerick Ukraine solidarity

Climate Arts Festival

Ireland’s Young Filmmakers Fresh Munster Regional Finals

Limerick’s LGBTQAI Alter Ego nightclub

50th Limerick International Band Championship

Limerick St Patricks Day Festival 2022